Institutional Trading

ILA International has a highly diverse skilled team of traders who are determined to bring each of our client's advice that is tailored to their current financial goals. At ILA International we firmly believe that at the heart of every successful portfolio is accurate and timely research and execution. We serve a large number of groups and institutions compromising of pension funds and mutual funds. ILA International is a leader in the institutional trading market, with our head office here in one of the busiest financial hubs Hong Kong, our access to the international markets is second to none. Furthermore, our time zone allows us to act on market-moving information with speed and agility.

Our focus when working with institutional clients is to offer to them a cost-effective and highly profitable investment plan for their business. With our hearts set on the construction and customization of personal portfolios, this gives us here at ILA International a large advantage over our competition. We do not differ in advice from our personal and our institutional clients, all of our portfolios, whether personal or corporate has only the most relevant accurate information.

Market Summary