Retirement Portfolios

Here at ILA International we have a wealth of experience creating and managing retirement portfolios. Whether you are considering an early retirement, about to retire or have already retired, there will always be a suitable investment portfolio to maximize your money. You’ve worked hard to save and with the right strategy, you can help make sure your retirement savings last. ILA International has been serving investors’ needs since 2008.

The benefit of combining your savings with one financial portfolio is a proven way to ensure that you have a suitable asset-mix. A mix of assets and income producing investments that balances your need for stability with sustained account growth that will end up taking you through your retirement comfortably.

However, we live in a time where local rates of inflation and the relative value of currencies are declining. Many people are having to face the reality that their years of hard work in savings may not be worth as much when they finally retire. This is often due to a lack of education and understanding of how savings can be eroded away by inflation, taxes, fees and interest rates.

ILA International provides fully serviced retirement portfolios that are diversified across asset classes and countries. This allows you to full protection and insurance against inflation. Some of our recommendations may include investments that pay dividends. Our fees are also very competitive, offering you long term stability and the power to dip into your retirement portfolio for any unexpected expenses that may occur during your retirement.

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