Our Services

ILA International offers a wide range of services to our international and private clients. Since our humble beginnings in 2005 we have offered exceptional trade execution, research and analytical solutions to our clients. As an international brokerage firm based in one of the busiest financial hubs, Hong Kong, we provide each of our clients access to a personalized global investment strategy that is adapted to your financial needs and goals.

Trade Execution services

At the core of everything we do, customer satisfaction comes before anything else. We work closely with each individual to bring them an investing experience like no other, in addition we want to maximize the profits you make. We are focused on creating a portfolio and executing trade strategies that will benefit you and your financial goals. ILA International’s team of experienced and talented portfolio managers present you the information and research required in order for you to make an informed decision regarding your financial future. Our trade execution is second to none, we always have you in mind when making a trade, as your time is valuable. We know that when dealing with your finances you don’t want to be dealing with a robot, which is why when working with ILA International a personal experience is what we deliver to each of our clients. With years of experience in the financial markets and our exceptional client relations team, this makes us the number one choice for your investment needs. Our portfolio management team offer each of our clients with a wide array of services, ranging from fixed income, global equity management, trade execution services and derivative trading. We understand that not everyone wants to face the same risk in the markets, which is why our tailor made portfolio service ensures that you are comfortable when trading.

Global Equity trading

By combining the latest in trade technology and the experience of our portfolio management team, our execution of trade is the most efficient in Asia in terms of time and accuracy of trades. This ensure that each of our clients receive the information they require as fast as possible to maximize their returns in a safe and effective manner. Being an international brokerage ILA International offers 24/6 access to our global trading desk for our clients, this way they will have access to the markets when they want it. If you are thinking of taking advantage of the benefits from global trading, contact one of our team and they will be able to give you more information.

Fixed Income trading

With such a broad choice when it comes to choosing investment opportunities, one of our most popular low risk services is our fixed income trading portfolio. Built for the first time investor and those who prefer low risk investments, this tailor made portfolio has the minimal risk and exposure to your capital, which allows your investment to make a steady return with residual income. Our team of expert portfolio managers will work with you to find opportunities that will fit in to your current strategy and risk tolerance. Utilizing the best information from our research and analysis teams, we bring our clients the most current fixed income investments, providing steady returns.

Derivatives trading

There is always a risk when trading on the markets, and we know that not everyone likes a lot of exposure, so with your risk in mind, our team can offer you a very cost effective way to enhance the profitability of your portfolio, we do this through the use of futures and options. ILA International will assist you in planning and executing a portfolio which will be well balanced between fixed income and derivatives, which will fit into your current financial plan. Over time peoples financial needs change, and they set a broader goal, with ILA International your portfolio can be adapted to you, so when your needs change your portfolio does too.

Portfolio Trading

ILA International has over a century of experience in implementing vigorously researched strategies and trade execution services. We tailor each investment to the client, and build a strong portfolio based around their needs and desires. Our team from the first point of call, get to know you as a person, we take many factors into consideration when creating you a viable portfolio. With this at the front of our mind, we utilize our modern technology, our analysts, and our research teams to bring you investment opportunities that suit your needs financially. We know that investments should be a personal experience, which is why your portfolio manager will be in constant contact with you regarding any updates or changes to your account. We work with complete transparency and know that when it comes to your finances you need to be kept in the know at every turn.

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