Why Us


We are one of Asia’s leading providers of portfolio management services whose core values and beliefs are focused on our clients. Without a happy client base, we would not exist. Thus, our focus has always been on producing investment opportunities that are crystal clear, simple to understand and results-oriented. ILA International’s reputation has been built on a foundation of over a decade of consistent success, transparency and an insatiable passion for the financial markets. When you are dealing with quality information coupled with the right timing, investing can be supremely enjoyable and rewarding.

However, ILA International recognizes that we live in a day and age where trust and confidence in the financial industry have been eroded. Cutting edge technology, decades of experience and market-moving information aren’t enough to earn the trust of our loyal client base. We believe in backing up our financial expertise with a personal touch to remove complications and uncertainty. That is why every member of our team at ILA International is required to undergo regular training, evaluation, and milestones in career progression to ensure that every time you make contact with us, your experience is world-class. Regardless of the size of your portfolio, or your risk appetite, whether you are dealing with our firm for the first time, or have been for many years, you will enjoy a level of service that is truly memorable.


If there is one thing that our extensive experience in the financial markets has provided us with, it is a unique understanding of the individual needs and goals of each client, we know the day to day challenges our clients face, and we go out of our way to overcome those challenges for you. With the markets constantly evolving, we know that to keep ahead of the competition you have to invest in yourself, which is why each of our team shares the same like-minded approach to our clients.

If your business is a small local business, a national business, or even an internationally recognized company, ILA International has the proven expertise, proven track record and the ability to create solutions that are tailored to your financial goals. Our wide range of investment services and opportunities, combined with our specialist expertise and risk management approach, we ensure that each of our clients has a comfortable and more importantly profitable portfolio they can rely on. We know it is not just about providing you with investment opportunities, and innovative strategies, it is also about combining it all with outstanding customer support and service. This together with our focus on client satisfaction is why more and more clients chose to use ILA International’s services every day.

  • Investment opportunities from a fully licensed and highly regulated full-service brokerage.
  • World-class service and support throughout your time with us
  • A dedicated client services representative
  • Full assistance no matter what country or financial situation
  • Assistance and advice on offshore banking
  • No limits on your investments regardless of the size of your account
  • Unique and diverse range of investment plans and strategies
  • Access to a complete and direct line of institutional and personal investment opportunities
  • Regular portfolio reviews to protect your capital and maximize growth

Most importantly at ILA International, we treat you like a person, not another client, we know that when working with a brokerage, sometimes the service can feel mechanical and cold. We strive to ensure each of our clients receives the personal touch they deserve.

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